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I am Sumedha.
PaperBaag is my passion project, a dream born out of my immense love for art and beautiful products. Ever since I remember, I have been living, breathing art - this has allowed me to ALWAYS see the world in the brightest of colours. And that's how my dream, to curate one, began.
At the age of 14, I started with oil paints, which happen to give you a lot of comfort & scope for correction. Watercolours was something I was quite afraid of, given their free, unforgiveable nature. But when we started working professionally, I diverged to watercolours as my main medium of illustration and oh, what an incredibly rewarding journey it has been.

I have grown to become a creative entrepreneur, specialising as a self-taught watercolour artist, who loves to paint landscapes, both architectural and natural, and botanicals, both modern and Indian. I am skilled in product & print design, with years spent working in the arts and small business industry. I have developed a strong sense of social + business development with a Masters focused in Applied Economics with public policy from University of Bath, UK, backed by a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Miranda House, University of Delhi.
In the UK, I authored a dissertation project called GENDER INEQUALITY AND FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN INDIA, to understand and solve social issues in the entrepreneurship sector. With a combined love for arts and economics, I am constantly working towards building a brand that is inclusive, women led and can bring a remarkable change in the way female entrepreneurship stands in our country. I wish to see PaperBaag as a people's brand, where opportunities are created and dreams are shaped.

If not in the office, you can always find me reading memoirs, cooking or buying home decor. I can also be spotted on a sofa, with a ceramic cup full of hot tea, thinking of where to travel next. I am made of 50% dosa and 50% gratitude.

+91 191 3584690

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