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I'm Priya, Curator of Paperbaag Company, a product designer by profession and mother to several dogs.
Prior to starting Paperbaag company, I was a student of Economics. Love for academics led me to undertake a graduate degree in Economics from Miranda House, University of Delhi and PG diploma in Business Administration from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. Upon completion of PGDM, I happened to pursue Applied Economics from University of Bath, United Kingdom.
Economics was something I had a knack for, but Designing was my calling.
So, in order to combine the best of both worlds, I chose to be a creative entrepreneur.

At Paperbaag, I am responsible for development of products, finances and logistics. I have completed two years in the industry as a stationary designer and have managed to come up with several unique, sustainable and beautiful hand crafted products.

When not in studio, you will find me reading books, watching documentaries or talking with my plants. Alongside, I am a cycling enthusiast and I can spend the rest of my life playing video games.

Driven by passion to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves, I have rescued several Indies and cats on a personal level and provided them with shelter, food and happiness (maybe). I believe in living by the virtue of compassion, to make the coexistence of people and fauna a great possibility. Hence, you will find many Paperbaag products developed around the same ideology.

+91 1913584690

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