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Undated Plantable Pocket Planner
  • Undated Plantable Pocket Planner

    Meraki is what the Greeks referred to when you put a part of your soul into the work you do.

    This eco-friendly set of undated journal and pocket planners gives you the freedom to chart out your days at your own pace. 

    Each Planner /Journal comes with 12 plantable dividers, that can be planted towards the end of the month, and gentle prompts to help you along the way. 

    For the undated plantable Meraki pocket planner, one must go to the heart of the notebook, the very centre, and begin from there. Pop it open on your desk or send out a postcard and as the month comes to a close, tear the paper into smaller pieces, soak it in some water and plant it under a thin layer of soil, with some water and sunshine, watch your papers grow. As you come to the end of the year, all that remains is the string that holds it all together. 

    Conceptualized and handcrafted by Plantables, designed by PaperBaag Company, the planner combo comes to you wrapped-up in magic, creativity and good ju-ju’s as you embark on filling it with your ‘Meraki’.


    • Size: 5.5 x 3.8 inches
    • Set of 12+1 wood-free seed papers with undated monthly grids and goals page
    • 12 original artworks with postcards on the reverse side.
    • Olive cotton string to hold the planner closed
    • Brown recycled kraft box
      • Sustainable Sourcing & Ethical Manufacturing
      • Responsible Packaging
      • Worldwide Shipping
      • Solar Powered Production
      • Handcrafted in Agra
    Taxes Included
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