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The Ishani Diwali Gift Box gets it's name from the Powerful goddess Durga, a symbol of invincible strength - something that resontes deeply with the power in the Hand-Crafted. This is a golden handcrafted gift box that features intricate toran bells with pearl & bird/animal ornaments, a chaukhat diary, golden brass soy wax candles - THE GOAL HAS BEEN TO KEEP IT FESTIVE & GOLDEN YET SUSTAINABLE. 


The box includes -

1. One Chukhat Diary (A5, 100 Pages, offwhite plain)

2. Two Pearl and Brass Bell vertical torans

3. Two Brass Candles with natural soy wax (Can be later used as tea lights)

4. Comes in a gold foiled box wrapped beautifully 

Ishani Diwali Gift Box

Taxes Included
  • You can cancel the order within 24 hours of placing it, by writing an email to us at with your order number.

  • All orders are shipped within 7 business days and takes an additional 5-10 days depending upon your area.

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