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Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Painting on a wooden canvas and striking the balance betweeen beauty & sustainability!

It all began when one day, Priya found out that in many villages around, there is so much dry wood being burnt aimlessly; she brought it to my notice and we knew immediately, that we have to do something to stop such priceless resource from burning away.

“Wood as a material has been around us for as long as we have lived. It is probably the closest thing to nature, and by bringing it home, raw & upcycled, we wish to make it a part of our lives, to make art a means to preserve it."

When we decided to bring in wooden decor into our catalogue, our first intent was to secure wood from the most #sustainable sources, and also generate a labour intensive practice in our processes. We wanted to both value and #empower the local - the local resources or the local craftsmen.

Raw material for our circular woods is procured from the countryside of Central India. When the trees fall due to natural calamities, we procure and process all the waste wood and turn it into handpainted decor pieces, thus giving a life to the dead wood, on your shelves, tables & walls.

We go hard on REUSING that which is considered waste, because every inch of mother nature is worth more than gold. Its preservation isn't a choice, it's our duty, & a necessity!

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