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A saga of the doors of India


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At PaperBaag, we curate artisanal invites that are thoughtfully hand-illustrated, tailor-made to your unique love story. 

Gifting &

We specialise in creating a unique and sustainable experience through gift planning and packaging. We curate every detail to your preferences and aesthetics, ensuring a lasting impression of your heartfelt gifts with our artisanal packing.

PaperBaag worked for fabindia to design their collection of hard-home & soft-home goods in India.
PaperBaag designed bowls, mugs, cups, saucer and a wide collection of Ceramics for fabindia, with the theme flower power.

B2B Designing Services

Over the years, we have built an expertise in brand development, product & package designing and creating a unique design language for businesses that are looking at an artistic leveling up of their identity. Having worked with Fabindia, Haldirams, DeVans Brewery & the likes, building stories & giving them a tangible form through our hand-painted/illustrated artworks is something we're extremely passionate about. 


PaperBaag textual logo.

We work to make original art an integral part of everyday lives.

Our products & processes are customised to match your story.

We focus on minimising waste & maxinimising utility.

Co-founder & Head of Operations at PaperBaag, Priya Gour.

"We're story tellers! Our idea of transformation is that of changing the world, one good product at a time. The word "Baag" in our name standsfor growth - one that is inclusive, where we grow as a community, where living becomes fashionable yet equal & sustainable. 


What is even growth if it has not uplifited societies, empowered communities?

Co-founder & Head of Design at PaperBaag, Sumedha Mahajan.
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